Violet Victoria Sales Representatives participate in hundreds of tournaments a year throughout the country including small home town tournaments with a few teams to national level tournaments with 1,000+ teams in attendance.  We offer a full line of fabulous sports jewelry, everyday jewelry, non slip headbands (over 500 designs!), personalized sports window decals, rhinestone shirts, and more!  We are very easy to work with and typically require nothing but space at your tournament.  This is the easiest fundraiser you will ever do!  We pay a percentage of our sales to your organization or a fixed fee depending on the number of teams playing and the number of locations.

Our expanding base of Sales Representatives means that we may be able to come to your tournament with our incredible line of jewelry!  If we aren't in your area yet you may still sign up for our fundraising plan, which will allow you to sell our jewelry at your tournament for a percentage of the sales! 

Please contact us today for more information at  We look forward to being a part of your event!   



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